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Benefits of our concrete sealer

Deciding which sealer is important, given that it will greatly affect the look and quality of all your concrete, masonry, or brick projects. Trusting stains and moisture to stay away from damaging concrete is an easy objective with Convergent Concrete Technologies’ sealers. With the best concrete sealers in the US no job is too big or too small. With so many varieties, you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your concrete needs.    

Expansive coverage

The benefits of our concrete sealer if you ask your contractor, is that it  has the most wide-reaching coverage. Combatting damage from moisture and stains for beautiful driveways, basement floors, industrial spaces, warehouses, grocery stores and much more. 

Countless uses

There are countless uses for CCT's concrete sealers, including indoor and outdoor areas, commercial, industrial, or data centers. Any place or area, big, small, private, or public- if there is a concrete floor, our concrete sealers will surpass your expectations. 

Countless uses

For exterior application, contractors can spray or spread sealer, for indoor application, they can spread with a microfiber mop. Making any project or space more beautiful with sealers can better your space’s look. 


These products are premium and top quality with lithium silicate. Competitors use different ingredients of lesser quality. Lithium silicate in sealers makes the sealer effect, long-lasting, durable, and appreciated by homeowners, contractors, and developers alike.  

Ask around or send an email, but you will not find a better concrete sealer than with CCT. It specializes in manufacturing concrete treatments and is recognized as a global leader in reactive silicate-based chemistry for concrete beautification, durability, and longevity.  

There are many things to think of when beginning a project with concrete. There is no better way to ensure your hard work lasts for years to come than by using a concrete sealer. Protect from stains and moisture with the best concrete sealers in the US. At Convergent Concrete Technologies, we can help.


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