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Concrete sealer FAQs: Part 2

Using a concrete sealer is easy. Following, we will discuss some common questions about using concrete sealers here in the US.  

Can concrete sealer tint? 

Most acrylic sealers will darken or add a glossy look to your concrete floors in your basement or patio. Concrete sealers in the US come in many tints of colour to enhance your concrete floors. 

How long after sealing concrete can you walk on it?

After applying the concrete sealer, avoid walking on the surface for 4-12 hours to allow the sealer to settle into the concrete's pores and to refuse moisture. 

What to use to seal concrete cracks? 

If the driveway or pool deck is cracked, or any other concrete area, a sealer will not fill the crack. Before sealing concrete, cracks must be filled in, and doing it properly will help prevent future cracks,

What is a good concrete sealer? 

There are many options for sealers. Picking the right one depends on the type of concrete and whether it is a polished floor, an exterior concrete surface or others will determine which one to use.

Can I paint over the concrete sealer? 

You cannot paint over a topical sealer, so if you are painting, it must take place before the chemicals are used to seal. Concrete sealers come in many tints and will protect the paint underneath and avoid stains. 

Does the concrete sealer go bad? 

As many contractors know, concrete sealers like epoxy have a shelf life of up to a year if not opened. If the product appears separated, the sealer has expired and should not be used for work on a garage, masonry, brickwork, or any other concrete project. 

Convergent Concrete Technologies manufactures top quality concrete sealers in the US and will last longer than other sealers on the market. Come and explore CCT’s products.  


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