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Concrete Sealer The Best Way to Protect Concrete from Moisture

Protecting your newly installed concrete floor with a good interior concrete sealer will prolong the life of your floor. Furthermore, a good concrete sealant like Pentra-Finish (HG) will enhance the natural appearance of concrete and minimize surface defects common to improperly cured concrete. Here are 10 simple steps to seal an interior concrete floor.

  1. Allow the concrete to cure fully before applying the sealant
  2. Any stains and overlays should be dry and cleaned before sealing
  3. If one is unable to remove skirting boards,  then cover them with drop sheets to protect them 
  4. Ensure concrete surface is clean and dry
  5. Protect eyes and face with a mask for fumes and wear gloves 
  6. Always keep the area well ventilated when working
  7. Apply the first coat very thinly and spread with a microfiber mop, then allow it to dry before applying another coat.
  8. After 2 coats have been applied and allowed to dry, burnish the sealant.
  9. Reseal your concrete floor every few years if you can.

Durable, moisture-resistant internal concrete sealer

Pentra-Finish (HG) is an easy-to-use sealer that creates a microfilm on polished concrete, stone, terrazzo, and more. It leaves a high-gloss finish on your floor that is easy to clean, resists stains, and reduces maintenance costs. 

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