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Different types of concrete floor sealers

A concrete basement floor sealer or concrete floor sealer is used to protect concrete surfaces from damage, corrosion, and staining. There are two main types of sealers available: film-forming or penetrating. They either work as blockers in the actual concrete to stop it from absorbing water and salts, or they form an impermeable layer on top of the concrete to prevent these materials from getting into the concrete in the first place. The first sealer described is called a penetrating sealer,  and the latter is known as a film-forming or a topical sealer.

  • Film-forming sealers

 Film-forming sealers include acrylics, epoxies, and urethanes that form a thin film or coating on the surface of the concrete. They do best when applied to a clean and dry surface so that they can stick well to it. These sealers are more prone to wear and tear than penetrating sealers and their lifespan can be anything from 1-5 years depending on whether the area is a high traffic area or not. Ultimately,  they will need to be applied more frequently than a penetrating sealer, but they help significantly in improving the look and finish of your concrete floor, as well as protecting it from stains, chemicals, and moisture.

  • Penetrating sealers

Penetrating sealers can be applied to damp (not too wet) or dry concrete surfaces.

These don’t require as much surface preparation as film-forming sealers, except to make sure that the area is free from curing agents, previous sealers, topical coatings, and grease. The surface should be significantly dry and porous to absorb the sealer into the concrete sufficiently.  Be sure to match the product correctly with the substrate porosity to properly penetrate the surface and react. A chemical reaction will occur which bonds active ingredients in the penetrating sealer within the substrate, thus blocking future surface moisture penetration. The 5 different types of penetrating sealers include silicates, silanes, siloxanes, siliconates, and fluorinated materials. Penetrating sealers don’t change the appearance of your concrete floor much and can last from 5 years upwards.

Concrete floor sealer for parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and interior flooring

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