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Hardening Concrete: What is the best concrete densifier?

Water-based lithium silicate densifiers will increase the strength of your concrete by up to 45%. It does not change the look or color of your concrete and can easily be applied with a sprayer. It can be used by itself or before polishing your concrete floors and delivers ultimate protection from moisture penetration. It works hard at filling pores in your concrete surfaces to provide them with superior strength and longevity and hardening them from the inside out. 

  • What is the difference between polished and burnished concrete?
  • Burnished concrete floors are more affordable and less labor-intensive than polished concrete flooring. To the untrained eye, the burnished finish may look similar to the polished finish but they are actually two totally different techniques. The burnished concrete floor is not a mechanical process but rather involves using a high-speed burnisher that spins at 1,500 rpm - 2,500 rpm to fill the concrete pores with an applied chemical. The burnisher heats and buffs the chemical coating, which is typically a wax-based product, into the concrete surface. A burnished concrete floor requires more maintenance and is less durable than polished concrete. A densifier can be used on burnished concrete floors to give the surface some of the same properties as polished concrete which is mechanically finished, ground, and honed to achieve optimal shine and durability.  

  • What is the best interior concrete sealer?
  • Pentra- Finish (HG) is a fast-drying lithium sealer that is ideal as an interior concrete sealer. It’s safe for surfaces that are in contact with food as per SGS testing, and it’s also low odor and  VOC compliant. It reduces all maintenance and cleaning costs, prolongs the shine of polished concrete, and rapidly increases abrasion and stain resistance. It works hard at keeping dirt and contaminants from penetrating the concrete surface so its capabilities really come to the fore in interior settings.

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