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Heavy-duty Concrete Cleaners

Concrete is a great flooring system for many reasons. Not only is concrete flooring highly customizable with surface treatment like dyes, stains, coatings,  and decorative elements but it’s also eco-friendly, durable and naturally mold and mildew resistant. Concrete floors are generally easy to clean, however, you may need a heavy-duty concrete cleaner for tough stains and spills. Understanding the nature of your concrete floor and the kind of mess you might need to clean up can help you choose the right products for the best results, and understand why a single heavy-duty concrete cleaner is the best choice.

Why Choose a Heavy-Duty Concrete Cleaner?

Because concrete is naturally porous, it can actually hold onto the dirt, grime, and stains that come from normal foot traffic and spills. This is one reason why concrete floors are sealed, helping create a barrier to the dirt and grime getting caught in the pores. 

There are multiple types of cleaners, such as all-purpose, oil stain removers, rust removers, and sealer/paint strippers. These formulas work differently on a concrete floor to lift soil and stains more effectively than general floor cleaners can. A single-purpose, high-tech, heavy-duty cleaner is specially formulated to address most of these cleaning needs.

How to Clean Indoor and Sealed Floors

In most cases, an indoor, sealed concrete floor can be cleaned thoroughly with a pH-neutral cleaner. This cleaner will deliver a quality clean for polished concrete floors with minimal soil, and it’s easily obtainable from many home improvement and hardware stores, as well as janitorial supply companies. The pH neutral concrete cleaner is sold as a liquid that needs to be diluted with water before use and can be used with an auto-scrubber or a flat head microfiber mop. 

How to Treat Efflorescence in Concrete Floors

Efflorescence occurs in concrete when salt deposits rise to the surface. These deposits show up as a white residue that can be aesthetically un-appealing and can create powdery, crystalline build-up. Efflorescence is usually a seasonal issue due to increased humidity and moisture and requires a heavy-duty cleaning solution.

Pentra-Sil (C&N) cleans and neutralizes concrete surfaces that suffer from efflorescence, sweating slab syndrome, and other alkalinity problems by infusing lithium ions into the substrate. These ions neutralize the effect of excessive sodium, potassium and other alkalinity, reducing the formation of alkaline salts and sweating. For more extreme symptoms we recommend a full treatment of Pentra-Sil (C&N) followed by Pentra-Sil (AC).

Specialty Cleaning Solutions

Removing stains that are starch-, hydrocarbon- and protein-based may require heavy-duty concrete cleaners that are enzyme-based or bacteria-based. These cleaners are sold by home improvement and hardware stores as well as janitorial supply companies. Enzymes help jump-start chemical reactions that break up oil-stains and contaminants, while bacteria are specially engineered to “consume” them. These cleaners are sold in ready-to-use formulas and don’t usually require water before applying to concrete floors. However, they do need time to work after application. Depending on the size of the floor and the type of stain, it can be a time-consuming process. The chemical and biological reactions of the cleaners typically continue until the stain is gone, without any scrubbing or rinsing needed. Especially deep or stubborn stains may require additional treatments. For best results, choose the best cleaner formulated for the specific type of stain to be removed, such as rust. 

One Heavy-Duty Solution for Cleaning Concrete

Instead of choosing multiple cleaning solutions for a concrete floor, Pentra-Clean (CR) is a high performance and versatile cleaner restorer that effectively cleans multiple types of concrete treatments. It’s Nano-Lithium formula hardens and enhances the gloss and polish of the floor, minimizing maintenance in commercial, manufacturing, institutional and residential settings. Pentra-Clean (CR) gently lifts away soils, contaminants and some stains from floors while leaving behind no residue to interfere with the look or slip-resistant performance of the floor. Sold in pouches, jugs, and pails, Pentra-Clean (CR) is easily diluted with water and can be used with an auto-scrubber. 

Call Convergent Concrete today for your Pentra-Clean (CR) and see why it’s the best heavy-duty concrete cleaning solution for your concrete floors.


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