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How a concrete densifier works on a floor

A concrete densifier hardens concrete after application by penetrating deep into the concrete causing an irreversible chemical reaction. During this chemical reaction, the densifier reacts with free lime and calcium that is naturally occurring in the concrete. A gel-like substance called CSH (Calcium silicate hydrate) is formed and the CSH fills and tightens the pores of the concrete making it harder and providing more surface density. Applying a concrete densifier to your concrete floor can increase the strength of your floor by up to 50%– improving durability but also improving it aesthetically due to the low sheen luster it adds.

How to apply a concrete densifier to a floor

The correct placement and curing of your concrete floor will alleviate a lot of stress because it makes your concrete floor less porous. Although less porosity means less product, always apply your concrete densifier until the surface is fully saturated for optimal results. Multiple applications and extra product may be needed on soft concrete floors or floors that have not been cured properly. Spray the densifier onto your concrete floor and let sit. The product will be drawn down into the capillaries where it will react chemically and start the process of creating a less porous and harder concrete floor. 

Products we recommend.

We recommended Pentra-Sil (HDS) a hardener, lithium densifier, and sealer engineered for all integrally colored, dyed, stained, polished, and acid-stained cementitious surfaces. Pentra-Sil (HDS) is ideal for restoring and polishing worn and/or damaged concrete flooring. It’s eco-friendly and breathable and allows excess moisture to escape without damaging your sealer. It helps your concrete surface to be completely stain-resistant and protects it from harmful substances that would usually have caused unnecessary wear and tear and /or damage to your floor. Pentra-Sil (HDS) minimizes salt damage, is easy to use, and is VOC compliant.

Pentra-Cure (MH) is another amazing eco-friendly product that provides an all-in-one treatment that cures, hardens, and densifies fresh concrete–with only one application! This saves time and money on unnecessary labor costs. It provides long-term protection for your floors against heavy wear-and-tear so it’s a popular choice for commercial but also industrial flooring protection needs. Pentra-Cure (MH) improves chemical and abrasion resistance, enhances the natural appearance of concrete, and is also VOC compliant. Contact a friendly advisor at Convergent Concrete Technology for advice on these superior high-end floor sealers and densifiers today. 


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