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Pentra-Guard (EXT)

Choosing the right sealer to protect your concrete flooring can ensure that it not only lasts longer but saves you maintenance and cleaning costs. A concrete sealer is most commonly used for adding a microfilm layer to permanently protect the surface. There are several types of concrete sealers that offer features unique to the concrete you are sealing, including stain protection, freeze-thaw, abrasion resistance, and more. By using an eco-friendly exterior concrete sealer like Pentra-Guard (EXT), you can prevent early concrete damage and preserve your exterior concrete flooring for longer.

Top Features

Consider the type of protection you are looking for in a concrete sealer. Pentra-Guard (EXT) not only seals but protects against damage caused by dirt, grime, salt, and oil while enhancing the natural color and shine of concrete surfaces. This versatile exterior treatment offers a hard, glossy, wet-look finish to exterior cementitious surfaces that cures quickly. 

Pentra-Guard (EXT) is known as an inorganic/organic hybrid Nano-Lithium treatment. There are three important benefits to using an advanced, versatile exterior treatment like this. 

  1. It creates a more durable, more impenetrable, and resistant surface on a concrete floor.
  1. It's one of the industry's most environmentally friendly coatings that is low-odor and VOC compliant.
  1. Nano-Lithium surface sealers penetrate more evenly throughout the surface, forming stronger, harder bonds.

The Science Behind the Power of Nano-Lithium

Nano Lithium surface treatments penetrate deeper than sodium or potassium-based sealers and work to evenly seal the concrete flooring through better particle distribution during the reaction. Because sodium and potassium-based sealers react violently in concrete, it can cause an uneven reaction throughout the surface that reduces the strength of the concrete and allows moisture to enter. This concrete flooring may not last as long because of surface wear and deterioration. The power of Nano Lithium is proven through a more complete reaction with the concrete, leaving fewer unreacted calcium molecules and reduced water absorption.

Key Benefits and When to Use Pentra-Guard (EXT)

If tagging or heavy staining is a concern for your flooring, a specialized exterior concrete sealer like Pentra-Guard (EXT) is formulated to act as an anti-graffiti and stain protection layer. Not only can it be used for horizontal concrete surfaces, but it can also be applied to concrete walls where damage might occur. Using a penetrating concrete treatment helps to form a protective film that will not peel or flake and is designed to rapidly cure with little-to-no downtime. Though the protective clear coat is designed to last, it can also be reapplied or recoated easily without stripping for easy maintenance and upkeep. 

When choosing a concrete sealer, it is crucial to consider the type of concrete that is being sealed and if it is located indoors or out. Using a concrete sealer like Pentra-Guard (EXT) provides a premium glossy wet finish to stamped concrete, concrete pavers, and other exterior surfaces. 

Common Applications

Determine whether you are using this type of concrete sealer on a rough or smooth surface. Depending on the texture, Pentra-Guard (EXT) should be applied differently. In either case, make sure the concrete sealer has been mixed well before application. 

For rough surfaces, to be able to help the formula penetrate the concrete, use a low-pressure sprayer to apply the sealant evenly on the surface while smoothing over any puddles using a soft bristle broom. Do not brush heavily or try to work the formula into the concrete—simply spread and leave it to sit.

For smooth surfaces, it is essential not to over apply the sealant. Apply in very thin coats using a microfiber pad that has been pre-dampened with the product. To create a smooth finish, use joint lines as starting and stopping points, and do not overwork the material in the surface of the concrete. As with rough surfaces, ensure that each coat has at least 30-60 minutes to dry before allowing any foot traffic.

Using Pentra-Guard (EXT)

Before applying any concrete treatment, it is recommended to always do a small test sample in an area that is less visible. Concrete sealers should only be applied in the right conditions. For best performance, apply Pentra-Guard (EXT) when temperatures are no higher than 40ºF for at least two hours following the application. Ensure that the concrete floor is clean and that any dirt, laitance, or other curing compounds or coatings are removed so that the Nano Lithium particles can react correctly during the bonding process. The most common areas of use for Pentra-Guard (EXT) are stamped concrete, pavers, brick, natural stone, stone veneers, decorative concrete, colored concrete as well as for large projects like parking garages, fire stations, loading docks, stadiums and more.

For questions or expert advice, contact Convergent Concrete. From exterior surface concrete sealers like Pentra-Guard (EXT) to other concrete floor applications like densifiers and hardeners, Convergent Concrete Technology is known for producing the most significant advance in chemical concrete sealer and hardening technology in fifty years. Choose the superior surface treatment for your concrete floors.

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