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Concrete offers several advantages that make it ideal for commercial, industrial and even residential use, as flooring options. It’s durable, affordable, and with the numerous types of concrete treatments available, including concrete polishing, it’s a visually attractive option for floor systems, too. But certain installations can present challenges, like spalling and cracking, that arise from unavoidable conditions such as freeze and thaw cycles. For that reason, choosing a high-quality and effective concrete treatment like Pentra-Shield for exterior concrete surfaces is important for long term results. It’s Nano-Lithium® formula densifies and protects concrete and masonry surfaces.

Top Features

Pentra-Shield stands out among comparable freeze-thaw, concrete densifier surface treatment products because of its high-tech features that cut down on concrete’s natural ability to absorb potentially damaging moisture. It’s that absorption -- where water fills the natural pores of concrete -- that increases the potential for concrete to split and crack during freeze-thaw cycling. Treated surfaces like concrete and masonry are better able to withstand freeze-thaw damage, making them stronger and more durable. The silicon reactive formula is a lithium-based solution (SiRE)™ that inhibits water’s ability to permeate the concrete. Pentra-Shield does not leave behind any surface film and it doesn’t discolor the concrete surface, either. It’s created for use on new concrete surfaces as well as existing concrete and masonry.

Key Benefits

Winter weather can really damage concrete and masonry, affecting not only its longevity but its durability, too. Using a specialized concrete treatment like Pentra-Shield hardener and densifier helps reduce that damage by protecting the concrete surface with water repellents. This protects them from the adverse effects of repeated freezing and thawing as well as the harmful results of de-icing chemicals. Scaling and spalling are also reduced. Surfaces treated with this freeze-thaw concrete densifier don’t lose friction nor do they change color or appearance. Once applied, Pentra-Shield leaves no surface film to peel or wear off. And it’s VOC-compliant; in some cases, using Pentra-Shield as a concrete sealer can earn LEED points.

Common Applications

Pentra-Shield can be applied to any exposed or polished concrete surface where the absorption of water can be a destructive force due to swings in temperature. Common applications include parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete surfaces that can be affected by water. Use Pentra-Shield on loading docks, cold storage or freezers and shipping terminals. It’s also useful in places where the benefits of polished concrete are desired, like commercial, industrial, entertainment and institutional settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, correctional facilities, schools, aircraft hangars, grocery stores, laboratories, power plants, stadiums, and more.

When to Use Pentra-Shield

When planning the installation or maintenance of a site that includes concrete surfaces like concrete floors, consider which areas may be subject to saturation with water. Obvious locations include those exposed to rain or snow but they can also include areas that might get wet because of manufacturing, facilities, processing and other related activities. Pentra-Shield can be easily applied without specialized knowledge, equipment or skills, making it a viable solution for companies seeking to include Pentra-Shield in their facilities management strategy. 

Using Pentra-Shield

Before using Pentra-Shield, a small test in an inconspicuous area can show whether the product will be a good match for the concrete surface. In some cases, there may be impurities in the concrete that can make Pentra-Shield not perform as expected. When using the product, plan to apply it only when temperatures are at least 40ºF (4ºC) for the two hours following treatment and after curing materials have been removed and the surface is fully dry. If temperatures reach 90ºF (32ºC) during the application process, spray water on the surface to stop Pentra-Shield from flash-drying. 

Pentra-Shield is easily applied to commercial concrete flooring with a sprayer. Make sure the surface of the concrete is saturated with Pentra-Shield for 20 minutes, minimum; it may be necessary to reapply the treatment in areas that don’t remain wet. Minimize puddles of Pentra-Shield with a soft-bristled broom or a microfiber pad; this will ensure an even application. Once dry, the treated concrete surface can be used. 

Preparation and Post-Application Care

To prepare a concrete surface for Pentra-Shield treatment, clean it thoroughly. Make sure anything that could interfere with Pentra-Shield soaking into the concrete is removed, like dirt, laitance, coatings or curing materials. Citrus or acidic cleaners should be avoided. If acidic cleaners are used, neutralize the concrete surface before spraying Pentra-Shield. This can be done with any alkaline cleaner like TSP, Tide laundry detergent or a similar product. 

Once Pentra-Shield has been applied, use soap and water to clean up tools and sprayers. In caring for the treated concrete surface, use a neutral pH cleaner like Pentra-Clean™ (CR). Additional concrete treatments can strengthen protection or enhance gloss, like Pentra-Finish™ (HG), Pentra-Pel™ (SI), or Pentra-Guard® (EXT).

Contact Convergent Concrete for expert advice on the right concrete treatment for your concrete surface, including commercial concrete polish. Whether your needs are freeze-thaw protection, anti-scale or simply to harden and densify concrete, Pentra-Shield can provide effective protection.


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