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Pentra-Sil (H)

Concrete is a popular construction material because of its durability, easy maintenance, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. It’s ideal for heavy duty usage like tilt-up construction or as part of industrial flooring. 

To enhance the natural benefits of concrete, specialty industrial concrete floor hardeners, densifiers and sealers can strengthen abrasion resistance and reduce dusting. Pentra-Sil® (H) improves the integrity of the concrete slabs — new or existing — with a high-tech nano-lithium formula. Additionally, this hardener enhances water and stain resistance, making the floor easier to clean and maintain. 

Primary Features and Benefits


The one-step spray application requires no additional or specialized concrete contractor to carry out the work, reducing costs. Pentra-Sil (H) does not require rinsing or the removal of excess hazardous material. As a VOC-compliant formula, using Pentra-Sil (H) may contribute to IEQ credits for LEED points. 

Pentra-Sil (H) penetrates into the concrete surface up to ¼” (7mm). It chemically reacts with the concrete to produce calcium-silica-hydrate. The result of this reaction creates a more durable and dustproof surface. When floors are pre-treated with Pentra-Sil (H), curing compounds and bond breakers can later be removed with greater ease. The breathability of this densifier allows moisture to escape. It’s also compatible with the installation of industrial floor coatings like commercial epoxy flooring. Pentra-Sil (H) doesn’t contribute to surface ASR or crazing.



Construction applications include: Power-Troweled Concrete, Tilt-Up Construction Slabs, Grocery Stores, Fire Stations, Aircraft Hangars, Shipping Terminals, Vehicle Maintenance Areas, Office Buildings, Cafeterias/Restaurants, Correctional Institutions, Retail & Shopping Centers, Schools, Stadiums, Veterinary Clinics, Laboratories,  Mechanical Rooms, Mezzanines, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Storage, Distribution Centers, Food Processing Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Cold Storage/Freezers, Beverage Bottling Plants, Chemical Processing Plants, etc.

Usage Guide for Effective Pentra-Sil (H) Application

Plan ahead before use to ensure temperatures are warm enough for proper drying of product — above 40ºF (4ºC) for at least two hours following application. Pentra-Sil (H) can be sprayed on for an even, light coating. Keep the concrete surface wet with product for at least 20 minutes.   

If applying to machine-troweled concrete, use it immediately after finishing or after cutting and cleaning of joints. Use a soft-bristled broom or flat microfiber pad for smoothing out any puddles. Once dried, cures, cure and seals, and bond breakers can be applied before the next steps in construction take place. If applying to an existing surface, clean it thoroughly first. Dirt, laitance and curing compounds must be removed before applying Pentra-Sil (H). Once dry, Pentra-Sil (H) can be used. 

Concrete surfaces treated with Pentra-Sil (H) can be safely cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner as well as Pentra-Clean™ (CR) and Pentra-Clean™ (DC). Concrete treatments with Pentra-Finish™ (HG), Pentra-Pel™ (SI) and Pentra-Guard® (EXT) can add greater protection or gloss, depending on your needs. Reach out to Convergent Concrete today to learn more about commercial and industrial concrete flooring treatments, including Pentra-Sil (H) and its benefits.


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