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Pentra-Sil (HDS)

Concrete surfaces have long been a popular flooring option due to its combination of durability and appearance. There are a wide variety of concrete treatment options to suit industrial, manufacturing, institutional and residential needs. From epoxy floor coating to dyed or stained color options, stamping, polishing and more there’s something to fit every environment. 

Applying a concrete treatment will strengthen the surface and add to the beauty of the floor. One of those concrete treatments is Pentra-Sil® (HDS). This high-tech concrete treatment is an effective and eco-friendly solution for polishing and restoring concrete flooring that’s showing signs of age, damage or wear. 

Key Features of Pentra-Sil (HDS)

The easy-to-apply lithium-silicate hardens, densifies and seals concrete surfaces, as well as overlaid and terrazzo surfaces. Pentra-Sil (HDS) is formulated to preserve the color and finish of treated surfaces like dyed or acid stained floors. Treated surfaces show less efflorescence and they’re more resistant to water, stains, salt damage and abrasion. Pentra-Sil (HDS) can be safely used on ordinary and colored, dyed or acid-treated concrete surfaces.


Pentra-Sil (HDS) hardens, densifies and dust-proofs concrete surfaces indoors and out, making them easier and more cost-effective to clean and maintain with gentle pH neutral cleaners. Once applied, no rinsing or removal is needed. This cuts down on the application time and effort, saving money.  

Pentra-Sil (HDS) is formulated with a high level of solids to ensure good results when polishing concrete floors. It adds protection to integrally colored concrete floor systems while enhancing the color as well. This specially-engineered concrete treatment is VOC-compliant and may count as IEQ credit toward LEED points.

Once treated, Pentra-Sil (HDS) helps repel liquid substances and reduces staining of the concrete surface. Its unique breathable formula cuts down on efflorescence and surface sweating. When used outdoors, treated surfaces can better withstand salt and typical freeze/thaw cycles; alkali-silica reaction and crazing are minimized. 

Common Applications of Pentra-Sil (HDS)

Pentra-Sil (HDS) is engineered to perform well in an array of places where polished concrete floors and similar surfaces are desirable, including commercial, manufacturing, institutional, recreational and residential settings. It’s been proven effective in office buildings, shopping centers, schools, healthcare facilities and fire stations. It can be used both indoors and out, on parking garages, sidewalks and driveways. Application sites include manufacturing, automotive, shipping, pharmaceutical, waste management, and food-processing facilities. 

Best Practices for Using Pentra-Sil (HDS)

Obtaining optimal results from Pentra-Sil (HDS) requires proper preparation of the area to be treated. It’s essential that the concrete surface be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and grime.

When scheduling treatment, ensure the environmental conditions are appropriate for applying the treatment effectively. Temperatures must be higher than 40ºF (4º C) for at least two hours after laying down Pentra-Sil (HDS). This product is intended to be applied with a sprayer to ensure an even application. Continue to spray as needed to make certain the entire surface remains wet for at least 20 minutes. This gives the product enough time to effectively penetrate the concrete surface. Use care during the application and drying processes as surfaces treated with Pentra-Sil (HDS) are slippery until dry. If the concrete floor will be polished, wait until the treated surface has dried completely before progressing to the polishing process.  

You can expect to achieve coverage of 600–800 sq ft per gallon (14.7–19.6 sg m per liter) although results may vary based on conditions. Concrete mixes can vary in porosity and environmental conditions can also affect coverage and dry rates. Once treated, surfaces can be maintained with neutral pH cleaners like Pentra-Clean™ (CR) and Pentra-Clean™ (DC). For added protection and a gloss finish, use Pentra-Finish™ (HG), Pentra-Pel™ (SI) or Pentra-Guard® (EXT)

Call Convergent Concrete to learn more about concrete coatings and commercial floor coatings formulated with lithium silicate that meet a variety of industrial, manufacturing, institutional and other needs. 


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