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The importance of concrete sealer in preventative maintenance

Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios, sidewalks driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring. The lifespan of these areas is largely dependent on whether they were professionally installed, and, very importantly, how well they are maintained thereafter. This is where preventative maintenance comes in. An adequately maintained stamped concrete area could last you upwards of 25 years if you apply proper preventive maintenance techniques - like using sealer.  There are 3 key benefits to this:

1. Strengthening capabilities

Pentra-shield, a great concrete sealer for stamped concrete, works hard at strengthening these stamped concrete surfaces and minimizing damage. If you live in a cold climate, freeze and thaw damage could cause cracks or surface flaking because of water penetrating the surface of the concrete and then expanding as it freezes inside. If water is not beading up on the surface of your concrete, then it’s time to think about resealing it. If an area like a patio or sidewalk is a high traffic area, then it will most probably need to be resealed quite frequently.

2. Stain protection 

You will also want to keep your entertainment areas in tip-top shape and protect them from unsightly stains. Using the best stamped concrete sealer you can find will help you in this regard. Your pool deck or stamped concrete patio, for example, may be subjected to chlorine, salt, chemicals leaves, and other outdoor elements that could penetrate the concrete and leave ugly stains. A concrete sealer will prevent this and save on costly cleaning and repairs further down the line.

3. Aesthetically pleasing

Sealing your stamped concrete area can be compared to waxing your car. It will always look better and more ‘finished’ than an area that isn’t sealed.  Sealants also provide invaluable protection from fading and damage caused by harsh UV rays, therefore prolonging the life and improving the aesthetics of your stamped concrete area. Pentra-Guard (EXT) is a great choice as it will give your concrete a glossy look while protecting and extending the life of your concrete.

Protective stamped concrete sealer - preserving the color, preventing wear

Get support for your upcoming project and commonly asked questions answered here. To find out more about Pentra-shield and Pentra-Guard EXT, the best stamped concrete sealers to prevent staining, color fading, and unwanted wear on your high traffic entertainment areas click here, or call 801-375-2280 for more information.

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