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Revolutionary new method of concrete densification and hardening

Pentra-Finish (HG)

Advanced High-Gloss Stain and Wear Protection Finish

Pentra-Sil (H)

Dustproofing Hardener

Pentra-Sil (244+)

Salt Protection, Dust-Proofer, Hardener, Densifier and Sealer

Pentra-Cure (MH)

Membrane-Forming Cure and Hardener

Pentra-Sil (IH)

Impregnating Hardener for Terrazzo, Stone and Polished Concrete


Concrete Surface Hardening Densifier with Anti-Scale and Freeze-Thaw Protection

Pentra-Pel (SI)

Surface Impregnator with Advanced Micro-Bonding Stain Protection

Pentra-Guard (EXT)

Exterior Surface Hardening and Protective Sealer

Pentra-Sil (HDS)

Hardener, Densifier, Sealer for Integrally Colored, Dyed, Stained and Polished Concrete

Pentra-Sil (HD)

Hardener, Densifier

Pentra-Sil (AC)

Alkalinity Control Hardener

Pentra-Clean (CR)

Cleaner Restorer

Pentra-Clean (DC)

Daily Cleaner

Pentra-Sil (C&N)

Concrete Cleaner and Neutralizer

Pentra (PCF)

Liquid Pore and Micro-Crack Filler for Concrete Grinding and Polishing


Premium Ice Melt, Anti-Icer/De-Icer


Colored Topcoat and Protective Surface Hardener


Color Stain and Protective Surface Hardener


High-gloss Stain and Wear Protector


Exterior Surface Hardening and Protective Sealer


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