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Fortification meets simplification with a game-changing new concrete densifier.
It’s a revolutionary new method of concrete densification and hardening. Using groundbreaking new silica-free technology, STRiON relies on an ionic transfer process to disperse deep into concrete to make it more resilient, resistant to traffic, dustproof, easy to clean, and prepped for polishing. On top of that, it’s exceptionally easy to apply. It’s a safe bet to get the job done right.
Technology that thinks smarter and works better.
While other products rely on decades-old silica technology, STRiON is the first to use an ionic process instead to get the job done. With tiny ions that disperse easily through the concrete, a permanent chemical reaction occurs and extends the lifetime of the concrete.
Premium-grade results.
STRiON may be simple to use, but the results are on par with much more complex treatments. After a single application, concrete becomes abrasion-resistant and durable.
Put “foolproof” on the fast track.
Skip the mistakes—and go straight to a job well done. Application is clean and simple, with no rinsing required. Training is minimal. And with little risk of error, your projects stay on time, on track, and on budget.
Priced on point.
Not only does STRiON figure well into your project budget, but it saves additional time and money in the long run through an easier and smoother process—and zero bumps in the road.
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Hard concrete.
Without the hard application process.
Convergent is proud to introduce its first concrete treatment using the game-changing STRiON technology, STRiON:FORTIFY. Using a new silica-free technology, it's the most user-friendly concrete densifier ever available.

It creates an exceptionally hard surface that resists abrasion throughout the concrete's long life —and, incredibly easy to apply, it requires no rinsing and goes on smooth the first time. Easy on your timeline, easy on your budget, and strong on results.

  • Extremely simple application, with no rinsing required
  • Hardens concrete and terrazzo while preserving the surface’s natural look
  • Penetrates, with no film to lift or peel off, and allows abrasive tooling to work more effectively
  • May be applied in temperatures as low as 25℉
  • Does not contribute to surface ASR or surface crazing
  • Resists dusting, making concrete easier to maintain
  • VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)
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