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What is the best concrete sealer? This is not a simple question to answer, because not all concrete sealers are alike. Whether you want to seal your warehouse or factory floor, storefront, polished concrete installation, or even a pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway, or garage floor, you need a sealer to keep the surface looking good and extend its life. However, your choice of concrete sealer will depend on the surface you want to treat, as well as the specifics of the environment. With this in mind, Convergent Concrete Technologies offers an extended, detailed guide to concrete sealers, broken down according to their particular uses. 

What is the best concrete floor sealer?

While concrete is a very durable choice for both exterior and interior flooring, its life can be extended even further using a good sealer. There are sealers available that are suitable for both exterior and interior flooring, and will do an excellent job on commercial or residential floors, a basement, a garage, or even a patio. 

An excellent concrete floor sealer performs several functions at once: it extends the life of the floor, it improves its appearance, prevents stains and scuff marks, and can repel surface moisture.. Convergent’s Concrete sealing products are all penetrating lithium silicates.. Silicate sealers combine an impressive list of benefits which are often all to be found in other sealer types. These form a strong and effective hydrophobic barrier to prevent moisture penetrating into the concrete. They are very stain resistant and also prevent pitting, spalling and cracking. They are also easy and safe to apply, as they are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and dry rapidly after application.

Convergent Concrete Technologies has three durable and penetrating lithium silicate concrete sealers in its product range, which offer all of these benefits. Our most popular and wide-ranging product is Pentra-Finish, a high-gloss, fast-drying sealer that creates a microfilm on polished concrete, stone and other cementitious surfaces. Pentra-Guard (EXT) is an eco-friendly sealer formulated for exterior applications, and Pentra-Pel is a surface impregnator with advanced micro-bonding stain protectionfor both interior and exterior cementitious surfaces.   

What is the best exterior concrete sealer?

Exterior concrete sealers need to be even more durable than those used indoors. With exposure to foot traffic, wheels and weather, exterior concrete floors are highly prone to damage. The right sealer needs to be strong enough to prevent cracking, flaking and staining. It’s essential to seal all exterior concrete floors, whether plain, stamped, stained, colored, or stenciled. Environmental impact is a factor too.

Pentra-Guard (EXT) ticks all of these boxes and is the best outdoor concrete sealer. It is eco-friendly and seals and protects against dirt, stains, salt, and oil damage, while enhancing the appearance of the concrete, masonry or stone surface. It creates a breathable, protective coat that will not peel or flake.

What is the best concrete sealer for interior use?

With interior concrete sealers, you can opt for either a matt or gloss finish and there are several options to provide you with both, as well as preserving and protecting your floors. The primary consideration when working indoors is that you use a water-based sealer with low VOCs and odors. 

Among the sealers that Convergent Concrete Technologies offers, Pentra-Finish is best suited to interior floors, particularly if you want a glossy, polished surface with enhanced color and protection against stains and abrasions. Pentra-Finish is easy to apply, is VOC compliant and dries very quickly with low odor.

What is the best sealer for stamped concrete?

With stamped concrete, the right sealer for the job depends on whether you want a glossy, wet look or a matt finish. There are many penetrating sealers that will enhance the look of stamped concrete surfaces while also making them more resistant to abrasion, damage and deterioration. Other options will provide all the protective benefits, without adding any gloss. 

Pentra-Guard (EXT) and Pentra-Finish are good options for a glossy, wet-look finish. They enhance the color of the stamped concrete, add durability and protection, and cure quickly with almost no downtime. A good alternative, if you want a robust waterproof solution that won’t alter the appearance of your surface, is Pentra-Pel.

How long does concrete sealer take to dry?

Traditionally, sealers have been known to have lengthy curing and drying times. While sealers dry, they can’t be walked on and shouldn’t come into contact with moisture. This is not convenient for many people, however, most of whom want to be able to seal their floors, walls, etc., and get back to business as usual. This is one of the main differences with Convergent Concrete Technologies. All of our sealing products dry quickly with next to no downtime, thanks to their water-based formulation. This makes application easy and ensures that the floor is dry and ready for use in a very short time. 

Best concrete driveway sealer

Any sealer that is good for exterior use is essentially good for driveways too. However, a driveway is one place where you need a sealer that offers a little more protection and durability than your usual outdoor variety. Besides being exposed to rain, snow, and ice, your driveway also bears the weight of the vehicles crossing over it every day. In addition to extending the life of your driveway, a sealer can also turn it into a beautiful, main feature in your yard by adding a little gloss and bring out the color. 

Again, you can choose between film-forming and penetrating sealers. Our Pentra-Shield, Pentra-Guard and even Pentra-Pel products will all serve the purpose admirably.

Best polished concrete sealer

Concrete is by far the strongest and most durable choice for flooring in industrial and commercial settings. However, it isn’t always the most visually appealing option. Its usefulness usually outweighs its lack of aesthetic appeal, but there are some instances in which you want your durable concrete floor to be more presentable. In this case, you may choose to go for a polished concrete floor, giving you a shiny, easy to maintain surface that keeps all the practical benefits of concrete, while creating an appealing work area.

You then need a special sealer that can prolong the floor’s shiny appearance, delivering a rapid gloss, while keeping dirt and contaminants from penetrating and increasing stain and abrasion resistance, and without changing the profile of the surface. Pentra-Finish is the perfect solution for this purpose, and is available in both high-gloss and low-gloss formulations to suit your preference. 

About Convergent Concrete Technologies

Based in Orem, Utah, Convergent Concrete Technologies is a global company with manufacturing centers in both the United States and Belgium. Our products are distributed in various markets around the world. Convergent is recognized as the innovation leader in reactive silicate-based chemistry for concrete. What further sets us apart is our focus on service and establishing a genuine partnership with every customer. 

Our products rely on cutting edge, patented technologies that put us at the forefront of our industry. These include: 

Nano-Lithium®, an engineered lithium silicate with high lithium purity and quality. This reacts with concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate, which creates a harder, denser surface that is stain and abrasion-resistant.

SiRE®, or silicon hybrid polymer, which interacts with lithium to form a reactive compound that offers flexibility when formulating product-specific applications. Products using SiRE technology don’t just coat concrete with a top layer of protection; they penetrate the surface and chemically react to fortify and protect from the inside out.

RST, or Rapid Separation Technology, an engineered chemistry that divides into layers for maximum efficiency and performance in a single application – a groundbreaking curing and hardening application.

The easiest answer to the question “What is the best concrete sealer?” is any of Convergent Concrete Technologies’ industry-leading products. Contact us to find out more.



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