5 gallon bucket labeled colorfast coating
Mini sized 1 gallon pail labeled colorfast coating
Paint being applied to concrete floor
Contrast between colored and uncolored concrete
Colorfast coating color wheel


Colored Topcoat and Protective Surface Hardener

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COLORFAST™ COATING is a hybrid inorganic/organic Nano-Lithium® enhanced high performance coating for concrete floors. This product is a versatile, low-VOC alternative to epoxies, paints, acrylics and polyurethanes. COLORFAST™ COATING is quick drying, breathable and designed for both interior and exterior applications. This unique coating offers exceptional durability and bond strength, is highly resistant to solvents and petroleum-based materials, and is easy to repair and maintain. COLORFAST™ COATING dries to a very hard, colored opaque semi-gloss finish that will not yellow. This VOC-compliant treatment provides long-lasting surface protection and comes in a variety of standard and safety colors.

After application, apply COLORFAST Finish for best results and lasting color.


  • Out-performs epoxies, urethanes and acrylics in durability, adhesion and longevity
  • Stain resistant, abrasion resistant
  • Breathable, allows transmission of vapors
  • Low tensile strength - does not peel back and curl when damaged
  • Easily repairable: just sand and reapply
  • Will not peel, flake, bubble or delaminate
  • Dries quickly, low odor
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to epoxies
  • VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)



Application MethodSprayer or foam roller/very low nap roller
Coverage RateMachine-troweled: 300-400 ft² per gallon (7.4-9.8 m² per liter)
Broom-finished: 150-250 ft² per gallon (3.7-6.1 m² per liter)
Freeze Point32ºF (0ºC)
Shelf Life1 year in unopened, sealed container
Specific Gravity1.01
VOC Content<50g/L

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