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How to prepare concrete parking lots and exterior flooring for winter

Maintenance may not always seem like a top priority if the adage “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is anything to go by. However, preventative measures like concrete sealing and concrete waterproofing will always end up saving you time and money on costly repairs further down the line.  Winterizing exterior flooring or concrete parking facilities is key, so here are 8 things to do to prepare for inclement weather and to maintain these outdoor areas:

  • Sweep regularly to keep parking facilities free from leaves and debris. The chemical composition of leaves can be damaging to concrete and asphalt. Early snowfall can also compact the leaves making them a lot more difficult to remove.
  • Clean areas with a high-pressure water spray to help remove dirt and  keep the property clean
  • Keep drains and other areas where water needs to flow freely in good order so that water does not pool or affect the foundation
  • Repair potholes or cracks as soon as you spot them (even if they seem small) so that they don’t get larger and cost more to fix later on
  • Seal your concrete. Concrete is porous and thus absorbs moisture. When you seal your concrete you inhibit mold growth and create a barrier to protect your concrete from salt, chemicals, snow, and water. 
  • Check your snow plowing routes to make sure that they are clear.
  • Ensure that parking lot lines and signs are fresh and clear and easily visible to customers. This will encourage safe driving and help prevent accidents and damage to your facilities
  • Lastly, make sure to check all access points in and out of buildings for any safety hazards. Check walkways or paths for obstructions or broken bricks or concrete slabs that could cause injury or a fall. These areas should always be well maintained to ensure both employee and customer safety.

Concrete sealing to protect your flooring from water, snow, and salt

There are important differences between a concrete sealer and a concrete water proofer. Our concrete sealing offers a protective layer on the surface while keeping it breathable for excess moisture to escape, whereas waterproofing sealers will penetrate deep down into the concrete closing leaks. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Call us today to see if our products are right for you. 801-375-2280

Pentra-Sil (244+) is a sealant that not only offers protection from salt, dust, and freeze/thaw damage, but it also acts as a hardener, densifier, and sealant. It’s easy to apply, has a low odor and no rinsing is required. 

Sealing your concrete exterior reduces maintenance and clean-up costs and increases the value of your property or business. Contact us at Convergent Concrete Technologies or 1-801-375-2280 for more information, as well as expert advice for all your decorative and commercial concrete sealant concrete needs.


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