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What is a concrete densifier?

Concrete densifiers are chemical treatments applied on top of your concrete slab after placement. If the slab is to be polished then it will be used during the grinding process, however, they are also suitable for use on unfinished concrete slabs. Irrespective of whether the slab is to be polished or not, using a concrete densifier is an economical way to make your concrete surface stronger and ultimately prolong the life of your concrete. The chemical reaction that occurs after the densifier is applied produces a by-product that fills every pore and thus increases the surface density of your concrete slab. Densifiers can be applied to virtually all types of interior and exterior concrete surfaces, new or old. Older surfaces are to be cleaned thoroughly and stripped of any coatings before application.

What are the benefits of a concrete densifier?

  • Stops floors from dusting (a natural occurrence with concrete over time)
  • Tightens concrete pores for harder and more durable surfaces
  • Protects against scratching and peeling 
  • Protection from tire marks, discoloration, and stains
  • Helps to make your surface abrasion-resistant
  • Reduces water seepage through concrete thus reducing rust and rebar expansion
  • Protects against freeze-thaw damage 
  • The chemical reaction that occurs is permanent and long-lasting
  • Improves light reflectance and gloss 

Our solutions

Pentra-Sil (H) is a dust proofing hardener for concrete slabs and tilt-up construction. This lithium-based hardener provides maximum hardening and makes your concrete surface considerably more resistant to water, staining and abrasion. It also increases surface sheen over time thus beautifying your floor as time goes on. It does not contribute to surface ASR or surface crazing and is compatible with all integral colored concrete, stains, and dyes. 

Pentra-Sil 244+ is a high-performance lithium hardener, densifier, and sealer. It reduces efflorescence and surface sweating and provides the ultimate defense against water and harmful substances. It will protect your surface from freeze and thaw damage and it is totally breathable–moisture can easily escape without causing any damage to the surface. Pentra-Sil 244+ is long-lasting as there is no film to lift or peel off because it penetrates and fortifies concrete from the inside out.

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