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What is the best concrete floor sealer?

Contractors should think of a concrete floor sealer as the finishing touch to a job well done. Unfortunately, with so many different concrete floor sealer products available on the market, it can prove challenging choosing the one that is right for the project at hand. So, what is the best concrete floor sealer, and why? Furthermore, what are the benefits of using a sealer product in the first place? We provide answers to these questions below.  

Why you should seal your concrete floors 

The primary benefit of concrete floor sealers is that they protect the aesthetic value of the surface of the flooring from a wide range of threats. These threats include stains, dust, dirt, salt, and damage associated with freezing and thawing. The fact that concrete floor sealers also help to reduce the costs involved with maintenance and cleaning is another reason why it is essential to seal your concrete floors. Finally, some sealers not only safeguard the floor’s surface – but they also add to their overall look with a beautiful ‘wet-look’ gloss and finish. 

An easy-to-use finish that increases shine

Pentra-Finish™ (HG) is a high-gloss, fast-drying lithium sealer that creates a microfilm on polished concrete, stone, terrazzo, masonry and other cementitious surfaces. 

The finish is easy to apply and besides increasing shine, it also enhances color and improves resistance against abrasion and stains. Pentra-Finish™ (HG) generally increases the coefficient of friction on polished surfaces. This non-toxic solution is ideal for integrally colored, dyed and stained polished concrete and is VOC compliant.

Benefits of this final finish:

  • Prolongs shine of polished concrete
  • Delivers rapid gloss with increased abrasion and stain resistance
  • Keeps dirt and contaminants from penetrating
  • User friendly, dries in minutes with low odor
  • This product will not alter the profile of a surface
  • Forms a protective microfilm that is breathable, hard, and will not peel or flake
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Re-application is simple and requires no stripping
  • Safe for food contact per SGS Testing (21 CFR 175.300)
  • VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)

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