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What is the best exterior concrete sealer

A high-quality exterior concrete sealer should protect your new concrete floor from dirt, grime, graffiti, salt, and oil damage, all the while enhancing the surface’s natural color and shine. The question is, how should you be boosting the longevity of your exterior concrete? And which exterior sealant is the best choice for your project? Find out below. 

How to maintain your exterior concrete 

The most critical aspect of efficient exterior concrete maintenance is to clean it regularly to get rid of built-up dirt and concrete. There are several cleaning techniques to try depending on how dirty the surface has become. A scrub brush should suffice for weekly cleaning, while a pressure washer may be necessary from time to time to help lift stains and persistent dirt. 

Along with cleaning, it is essential to seal your concrete following installation, and every few years after that. Most exterior foundation sealer products not only safeguard the surface from dirt and damage, but they also enhance its color and add a premium ‘wet-look’ glossy finish. 

Pentra-Guard (EXT) - Exterior surface hardening and protective sealer 

Pentra-Guard (EXT) is Convergent Concrete Technologies’ world-class exterior sealant. It promises maximum durability and protection and is ideal for use on concrete, masonry, and stone surfaces. The real stand-out feature of this exterior concrete sealer is that it can be easily reapplied or recoated without prior stripping. Further to this, the product is VOC compliant, reduces costs associated with cleaning and maintenance, and cures rapidly with minimal downtime. 

The Pentra-Guard (EXT) exterior sealant is available in different sizes based on your requirements: 

  • 1-gallon jug
  • 5-gallon pail
  • 55-gallon drum
  • 275-gallon tote 

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