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Why are concrete densifiers important?

Concrete densifiers play a vital role in prolonging the life of your concrete and should ultimately be a staple when polishing concrete. They work by penetrating through the top few layers of your structure to improve its durability and strength. Concrete densifiers can be used on both polished and unpolished concrete and play an important role in preventing dusting, pitting, and wear-and-tear. Densifiers used on polished concrete surfaces help concrete to take better polishes and surfaces will produce an attractive low sheen shine over time with regular maintenance. Densifiers not only help to make your concrete surface look better, but they also make it that much stronger and better able to resist any moisture penetration that could cause rust and rebar expansion down the line. Their important function should not be overlooked if you want your concrete floor or structure to last.  

How concrete densifiers work

Most concrete densifiers contain important chemicals like lithium silicates. When these are applied to a concrete surface a chemical reaction takes place when the densifier reacts with free lime and calcium that is naturally occurring in the concrete. A substance called CSH (Calcium silicate hydrate) forms which then fills and tightens the pores of your concrete thus improving its strength and durability by providing a greater surface density. Modern, lithium-based densifiers penetrate more deeply and are preferred for most applications.

Densifiers vs sealers

Densifiers are not the same as concrete sealers. Sealers are a film-forming topical application usually made up of acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, and waxes. Sealers can chip or peel off over time and will usually need to be re-applied. Concrete densifiers, on the other hand, work hard at strengthening your concrete from the inside out. They  permeate right through the top few layers of your structure where most of your wear-and-tear and damage occurs. Densifiers tighten pores and irregularities in the concrete to strengthen the integrity of your structure from deep inside. The hard work that your concrete densifier does cannot be worn down, nor can it peel off, as the chemical reaction is long-lasting, irreversible, and permanent. 

For optimum results, we recommend using both a concrete sealer and a concrete densifier to prolong the life of your concrete floor. Contact our team at Convergent Concrete Technology for expert advice on our high-end range.


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